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Poet / Playwright / Filmmaker / Script Editor / Mentor



  by Billy Marshall Stoneking

Somewhere in the vast centre of the Australian continent there lies a reef of gold, seven miles long. Recorded history will tell you that only one whiteman has ever seen it.

The story of Lewis Herbert Bell Lasseter's reef of gold and his strange disapperance in 1930 has, in a mere seventy-five years, assumed the proportions of a timeless legend.

Did Lasseter die in the Central Australian Desert, and his secret with him? Or was it, as some think, an elaborate hoax? Did the reef exist only in Lasseter's imagination?

We might never know all the answers, but the search for the reef goes on, and the quest for gold endures.

Billy Marshall Stoneking is a poet, playwright and freelance film producer and writer. He lived for four years in 'Lasseter country', among the Pintupi people at Papunya Settlement in the Northern Territory, and was given access to information previously known only to the local Aborigines.

Read his account of the Lasseter story in his best-selling book, Lasseter: In Quest of Gold, (above) published by Hodder & Stoughton. 

(PLEASE NOTE: Lasseter: In Quest of Gold is an expanded reprint of the original hardback edition published as  Lasseter : the Making of a Legend  (Allen & Unwin) -->




                                                                                                       (on left) C.A.G.E. expedition sand-matting its way across the Dashwood Creek, Central Australia, 1930.






Edited by Billy Marshall Stoneking

The Stories of Obed Raggett was the first bi-lingual text written by an Australian Aboriginal writer. In his foreword to the book, Don Dunstan writes: "What a delight it is to read these charming stories... To Aborigines, with their rich spiritual and ceremonial life, the oral, the story-telling tradition has been centrally important for thousands of years. Obed Raggett has made a great contribution to Aboriginal Art in Australia, and this book is a very personal contribution to the making of a record of Aboriginal life and art - it gives written form to the stories for which he has been the bard in his own society for many years - and makes them available for reading not only by the children but for others as well."

Editor, Billy Marshall Stoneking, who spent years living at Papunya Aboriginal Settlement in Central Australia, working closely with its artists and storytellers, has assembled a highly entertaining collection of stories rich with lore and insight into the lives and beliefs of Aboriginal people. Marshall Stoneking writes: "These stories come to us from the oldest oral tradition on earth... these are the sorts of tales that were told, re-told, and are still told around campfires in the heart of Australia. Some of them Obed heard as a boy at Hermannsburg, from the older men and from his mother; others from stockmen, both European and Aboriginal, who knew the bush and jumped in boots and all to fetch a tale for the telling..."

The Stories of Obed Raggett was published by Alternative Publishing Co-operative, in Sydney, Australia.



by Billy Marshall Stoneking


Welcome Back to the Magic Kingdom

Coming out of the transit corridor into the crowded, smoke-filled baggage
collection area at Los Angeles International Airport, Chris took one look at
all the black faces and in his best, loudest and blackest American
accent exclaimed: “Awright! Can you dig it!”

Three hundred pairs of eyes snapped to attention, focused on one blond eleven-
year-old and his speechless father. “Say what!?”

I clapped my hand over Chris’ mouth. “not here,” I said, squeezing the words
between clenched teeth. “Not here!”


"I belonged and yet I didn't belong... I was overly enthusiastic and used my hands too much when I spoke. Women didn't frighten me. I didn't have to rpove anything. I ws always saying too much even when I wasn't talking. There were things I didn't like about America and I didn't mind telling people. Sometimes they didn't believe me. There was a rumour going round that I was CIA. I was a know-all, yet I knew nothing. I never called anyone 'boss'....".

Told in the style of an oral storyteller, Taking America Out of the Boy is a tale of discovery and self-transformation; a funny, insightful and frequently poignant account of a misplaced person, his exile and return. To anyone who has wondered where they belong or how they fit in, Billy Marshall Stoneking's delightful "auto-fictography" (the author's word for it) might very well be a signpost on the way home.

Taking America Out of the Boy was first publshed in 1995 by Hodder Headline.



Based on the award-winning ABC-TV drama series, created & written by Billy Marshall Stoneking

STRINGER - The Novel, by Billy Marshall Stoneking

Frank Buchanan is BACK...

And so is this award-winning television drama series - or at least the novelisation of it. Written by series creator and writer, Billy Marshall Stoneking, this smart, in-your-face tour de force follows the adventures of news correspondent, Frank Buchanan, who, after 20 years of covering revolutions, wars and assassinations in Ireland, Somalia and South America, returns to Sydney for some much-need rest and relaxation and finds anything but. A mad Greek cab driver, Yannis, keeps Frank constantly on his toes as does his ex-wife, Valerie, and his old flame, Laura, who now runs the only domestic publication that will print his copy.

Funny, character-driven adaptation of the legendary Australian "dramedy" series. Music from STRINGER was recorded under the tltle, You've Always Got the Blues, by Kate Cerebrano and Wendy Matthews. Produced by Martin Armiger.  


SINGING THE SNAKE : Poems from the Western Desert (Angus & Robertson)

SIXTEEN WORDS FOR WATER - the playscript (Collins)

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